PROVIDENCE, R.I. (August 11, 2020) – The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island (WFRI), a leader in the movement to improve policies that impact women and girls in Rhode Island, today announced a new Cocktails and Conversations panel event, Voting Rights: Then and Now, to look at the struggles women had and have to go through to vote as a basic right of American citizenship.

This event is co-hosted by Rhode Island College.


September 9, 2020

5:30-6:30 pm



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This panel will focus on women in the context of their historical and political environments, and how those environments led to their singular and group actions for voting rights —1920-2020 and beyond.

2020 marks the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave some women the right to vote. Voting rights have always been a struggle for many groups in our country and continue to be an issue. This panel with look at the whole picture through historical, constitutional, and activist lenses.


Moderator: Kimberly Conway Dumpson, RIC

Elisa Miller, RIC (Historian)

Diane Hassel, RWU (Constitutional Law)

Lorén Speas, Tomaquag Museum (Native Voting Rights)

“If women want rights more than they got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it.”

– Sojourner Truth

This work is made possible in part through funding and support from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. The Council seeds, supports, and strengthens public history, cultural heritage, civic education, and community engagement by and for all Rhode Islanders.

About Women’s Fund of Rhode Island

Founded in 2001, the mission of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island (WFRI) is to invest in women and girls through research, advocacy, grant-making, and strategic partnerships designed to advance gender equity through systemic change. As a leader in the movement to improve policies that impact women and girls in Rhode Island, WFRI is focused on building economic security for women and girls, increasing political participation and representation, and conducting research on the specific challenges facing women and girls in the state. For more information on Women’s Fund of Rhode Island visit