Marketing, M.D. to Host Medical Marketing Summit

to Empower Physicians and Patients

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (February 14, 2019) — A respected neurosurgeon from Cape Cod has partnered with two local business owners to launch Marketing, M.D., which will help doctors around the nation promote their services in the digital age. The patient-centered company will highlight effective marketing strategies during its Medical Marketing Summit, a two-day event from May 3-4, 2019, held at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Fla.

“We all know we need to be there for our patients, and today that means having a better presence online and in the media so patients can reach us directly. It’s a new digital age in medicine, and we have to be better engaged as doctors,” said Dr. Paul Houle, one of Marketing, M.D.’s founders and a neurosurgeon at Cape Cod Healthcare.

As physicians face lower reimbursement rates and a growing patient population, this interactive conference will highlight marketing techniques to raise the public’s awareness of new medical procedures while helping physicians scale their business model for increased profitability.

Dr. Houle’s brother, John Houle, the owner of JH Communications, LLC, and Shaun Guerard, owner of Heidi Hope, Inc., are the other partners developing Marketing, M.D.

According to Guerard, the company arose out of a need that any concerned parent can understand. It wasn’t long ago when Guerard’s brother-in-law didn’t know what was wrong with his daughter, who was eventually diagnosed with hydrocephalus. The condition prevented her from playing with other children outside, it impacted her focus in school, and caused her chronic pain and headaches.

“Can you imagine the angst of a parent?” Guerard asked. “All you want to do is make the pain go away like any parent would.”

Guerard explained that his niece received successful surgery at Duke University, but it took her father more than three days to find someone who could treat her amidst the confusion and worry he was feeling at the time.

“Marketing, M.D. will help doctors become more visible online so families won’t have to go through the same ordeal that Shaun’s brother-in-law experienced,” John Houle said. “Physicians will have the tools they need to market the procedures and services they provide.”

The two-day conference will impart strategies that will help physicians distinguish themselves in their community, develop coordinated social media and marketing campaigns, and establish an ongoing network of support.

“This is just the beginning,” John Houle said. “Our online platform will feature social media guides, video tutorials, content, and other important tools that will help physicians be found by patients in need of their specialized services.”

About Marketing, M.D.

Marketing, M.D. is a medical marketing company that provides physicians with marketing consultation and services. The company is dedicated to giving physicians the tools and training they need to become more visible in the digital age. Through tutorials and seminars on digital advertising, email marketing, social media campaigns, website search engine optimization, and more, Marketing, M.D. aims to help physicians scale their business for growth and profitability while better informing an engaged public on new procedures and techniques.

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