While watching the Thursday night football game on CBS last week, between the Bears and Packers, I noticed a Miller Lite ad from 1981 featuring John Madden. I was waiting for an updated twist on the 80s classic but the 30 second ad just aired as it originally did back around the time that Jim Plunkett led the Raiders to the Super Bowl. You can view the ad here:

What immediately occurred to me is that the right message can stand the test of time.   Whether the commercial is seen when Aaron Rogers is running the Packer offense or the Iran crisis comes to an end, if the message is clearly delivered in a memorable way, it will achieve its goal. I love the fact that Miller Lite has the guts to go with this as is. It is brilliant, it is simple and the production cost was dirt cheap!

We talk about the three “M’s” as keys to any campaign. Choosing the right Medium (TV, digital, radio), Math (how many times to get a response) and Messaging. No question Miller Lite figured out this messaging back 35 years ago and it rings true today. If you have a good branding message, it can also stand the test of time. While we won’t see President Ronald Regan in this election cycle, it looks like John Madden isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pete Lucas is the Vice President – Business Development for JH Communications. He also oversees media placement for the agency.