New course offers retirees clarity in sea of Medicare plans

Retirees can use Doctor’s Choice University for a crash course on Medicare

WARWICK, R.I (December 1, 2017) — As millions of Americans navigate through the healthcare marketplace during open enrollment, many retirees transitioning to Medicare will be questioning the many nuances of the federal program. Doctor’s Choice, a Warwick-based independent health insurance agency, aims to solve this dilemma by becoming a source of pivotal information with the launch of a new online course tailored for individuals across all 50 states. 

Doctor’s Choice University provides an overview of Medicare Health Plans, compressing hours of research into small-sized modules that are designed for the general public.

“The purpose of this course to take about a thousand hours of research and distill it down into a 40-minute presentation that anyone can understand,” said Dr. John Luo, president of Doctor’s Choice and a graduate of the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University.

Dr. Luo recognized the need for Medicare education during his training as a medical doctor when patients expressed confusion over details of the program. His interactions eventually led him to write a book titled “Retiree’s Guide to Medicare” in 2016.  “When people turn 65, they start receiving this big book from Medicare and they are inundated with advertisements that are puzzling to review because they highlight everything that’s good without any of the catches,” he said.

The course funnels convoluting information into lessons that retirees can use to make an educated decision, Dr. Luo said.

Module topics include an intro to Medicare, picking a plan, issues that are overlooked, how to sign up, and other bonus material. Each topic contains three or more videos that delve into frequently asked questions, such as what forms need to be filled out, how to deal with social security, and what can be done in person, just to name a few.

“We’ve helped thousands of folks through the Medicare process over the past five years, and we want to share that experience with as many Medicare eligible people as possible,” Dr. Luo said.

Enrollment for the course is available now at an introductory rate of $27, a one-time fee valid through December 31, 2017, that grants unlimited access. The course can be accessed by visiting:

About Doctor’s Choice

Doctor’s Choice is an independent health insurance agency that is dedicated to offering competitive Medicare plans and informing eligible patients about the most suitable options. Doctor’s Choice is not tied to any insurance company, and is not affiliated with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Consultation is always free and the company receives a fee from insurance companies for enrolling clients into plans. For more information on Doctor’s Choice, call Dr. Luo at 401-404-7373 or email