Coventry, RI – Nov. 23, 2011

Preventure, a global corporate wellness company providing companies the financial and cultural benefits of a healthier workforce, announced it will deliver its wellness programs to HealthNow New York Inc.’s 425,000 commercial members beginning January 1, 2012. HealthNow members will benefit from the most comprehensive and intuitive wellness technology available to make healthy lifestyle choices easier.

Preventure will provide HealthNow members with access to its expanded WellHealth Web Portal and complete mobile wellness toolkit.  Members will have immediate access to convenient mobile applications enabling members to use their smart phones to track exercise, monitor eating habits, check restaurant meal choices, and more – anytime, anywhere.  Mobile convenience will help make healthy choices easier for HealthNow members.  This technology, developed with Preventure’s partner PureWellness – a leader in wellness technology, will also allow HealthNow members access to a web-based personal wellness dashboard, a variety of online workshops, fun wellness challenges and tools, and more.  HealthNow will also offer an additional option for smart phone apps that can automatically track member’s steps and/or physical activity right from their phone.

HealthNow members will also have access to Preventure’s Smart Health Advisor, which is one of the most successful engagement tools available. Empowering individuals to take charge of their health and wellbeing, Smart Health Advisor integrates a health assessment with workshops, coaching and disease management into a platform for members. The system has the ability to take participant biometrics and responses to the HRA and direct participants to follow-up tools and support based on their specific health risks.  Using a proprietary formula to determine the three highest health risk factors, members are provided a variety of options to find the health improvement route that works best for them, including web-based tools and live support including interactive dietician and personal trainer Q&A.

David Pickering, Founder and CEO for Preventure, said, “Preventure is excited that HealthNow’s 425,000 members will have access to our innovative ways to help people realize their wellness goals.  In the end it’s all about engagement and providing personal support coupled with convenient online and mobile resources helps us engage more people in our wellness programs.  Ultimately we expect this to mean more HealthNow members leading happier, healthier lives.”

“Engaging our members in wellness-related activities and providing them the tools to reach their fitness goals has always been a core focus for HealthNow,” Karen Blount, Vice President, Health Care Services at HealthNow said.  “Our partnership with Preventure will further diversify our wellness offerings and empower our members to proactively improve their overall health through a host of interactive applications.

About Preventure

Preventure is a global provider of corporate wellness and health improvement programs specializing in comprehensive fitness and wellness benefits designed to improve health and productivity and decrease health care costs. Preventure helps corporations and health insurers understand, predict and control health risks and related costs. For more information contact Laura Walmsley at 1.888.321.4326 or Visit Preventure online at

About HealthNow New York Inc.

HealthNow New York Inc., which is comprised of four health benefit companies that include BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, BlueShield of Northeastern New York, HealthNow Administrative Services and Brokerage Concepts, Inc., offers a full range of insured, self-insured, and government programs and services covering businesses, families, and individuals, as well as life and disability coverage, dental and vision plans, and stop-loss coverage. The company’s plans also include access to fitness, nutrition, wellness, stress management, and other options that engage members in their health.

Since their first division opened in 1936, HealthNow New York Inc. has helped millions of people gain access to outstanding health care. Today, they are focused on improving quality and outcomes through strengthened alliances with members, providers, and third-party partners.  For more information, visit