American Labor Services Now Accessible on Amazon’s Alexa

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (October 18, 2019) — Employers looking to fill positions quickly have a new way to secure qualified job candidates. American Labor Services, a staffing agency that serves Southeastern New England, has launched a technology functionality using Amazon’s popular Alexa devices. The staffing agency is among the first in the industry to adopt the technology solution as companies seek to fill positions in their organizations.

“American Labor Services is committed to connecting employers with talented and responsible employees. Many companies have had trouble filling a multitude of new positions for some time. Through an everyday device, like Amazon’s Echo, we are hoping to address an essential business need in a thoughtful and creative way,” said Ben Kaplan, CEO/President of American Labor Services.

Unemployment rates fell to a 50-year low in September, which Kaplan says could be impacting hiring. “From our vantage point, most people who have jobs aren’t looking to make a switch so it can be difficult for employers to find qualified candidates,” Kaplan added.

American Labor Services maintains a pool of qualified job candidates that the agency assures is ready to work. “We want to provide a convenient service for business owners who have other pressing priorities. Amazon’s Alexa software is in millions of households, and it seemed like a worthwhile investment to be wherever our clients are,” Kaplan said.

To access the American Labor Services skill —an Amazon term to refer to apps within the Alexa software — Amazon users must sign into their account and enable the skill. Afterwards, users can access the skill by saying, “Alexa, ask American Labor Services to send me a temp!” The skill could also be accessed from other similar prompts, which are available online.

With four locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, American Labor Services also offers temp-to-permanent, permanent hire, and payroll services for clients in a variety of industries.

About American Labor Services
American Labor Services is a staffing agency that has worked with employers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 30 years. The agency has built a reputation for maintaining a vast pool of qualified job candidates, and providing staffing solutions to large and small employers on a timely basis.

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