At Main St. Media, we’ve always been advocates for developing videos to communicate your message. And there’s a good reason.

Whether it’s telling your company’s origin story, extolling your mission and values, or detailing your products and services, other than hearing from you directly in person, video is the next best thing. 

Longer form videos – 90 seconds to 2:30 minutes – as well as 30’s and 60’s traditionally for TV and radio and 15-seconds for digital and social media – all help you deliver your message to distinctive audiences on different outlets.

The fact is video communications provide a “voice” to your company. It improves SEO and boosts engagement on social media. According to data analyzed by Nielsen that included digital video ads on Facebook, there was a measured increase in ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration even before one second of an ad was viewed. Even if you didn’t watch the video, but saw the impression, you were still impacted by the ad. 

It’s not just about Facebook. YouTube is used by 62 percent of businesses as a channel to post video content. Tweets that include video see ten times more engagement. The effectiveness of video communications is evidenced by the fact that 68% of video marketers plan to use LinkedIn video this year.

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Why are people consuming 19 hours per week of videos online? We can mostly attribute it to the rise of smartphone technology that has made watching videos both easier and more convenient. In fact, it’s estimated that 77% of us now use phones or tablets to view videos. All that time at home during COVID boosted online media consumption by 215% in the United States alone. 

However, it’s not just about entertainment anymore. Of the 91% surveyed watching videos online, 31% want “how-to” videos and 29.8% want educational videos. It’s not just for reaching consumers either. Video is also utilized by salespeople to connect with and convert prospects.  

If you’re going to do what the professionals do, then you should know that video marketing is the preferred tool to get it done today. Now that we hope you understand the “why,” Main St. Media wants you to be equipped with the right information to make the best decisions for your marketing.

John Houle is the president of Main St. Media and can be reached at