Technique Allows for Non-Invasive Liver Analysis and Improved Patient Outcomes




East Providence, RI – December 18, 2013

Rhode Island Medical Imaging (RIMI) has expanded its wide-range of diagnostic services to now include liver elastography.   This non-invasive procedure has proven successful for assessing liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, with virtually no patient risk. RIMI is currently the only out-patient imaging center to offer liver elastography, and it is not yet available at local hospitals.

Typical diagnosis of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis has been through a liver biopsy.  While beneficial for the detection of disease, the procedure is highly invasive, creating potential risks to the patient.  Additionally, the procedure only allows for a small tissue sample, which can affect the accuracy of the results.

Liver elastography, or “virtual” liver biopsy, utilizes shear wave ultrasound to stage liver disease.  Serial examinations can monitor disease progression and treatment efficacy.  This procedure samples a wide area of the liver, which allows for liver cancer screening and vascular evaluation to occur simultaneously.

RIMI radiologist Michael Beland, MD is spearheading this exam, which is being offered at RIMI’s Lincoln office daily with evening appointments available.  Dr. Beland believes this treatment will enhance patient participation, thereby improving treatment outcomes: “This virtual biopsy of the liver has taken an invasive, painful and costly procedure and changed into one that is not only painless but also offers improved accuracy.  Our goal is to provide every physician and patient with the highest quality in diagnostic imaging, and we are pleased to be the only out-patient facility in Rhode Island to offer this state-of-the-art imaging procedure.”

RIMI radiologists hold faculty positions at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and sub specialize in all areas of medical imaging, including women’s imaging; bone, joint and muscle imaging; neurology; cardiology; and pediatrics.   Furthermore, RIMI radiologists are on staff at Rhode Island Hospital, Women & Infants, Hasbro Children’s Hospital and The Miriam Hospital.

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