July 12, 2012 – Coventry, RI

Preventure, a global provider of corporate wellness programs, has begun to actively promote the use of company-wide challenges to bolster the participation and enthusiasm of participants. Research has shown that the more fun and entertaining wellness programs are the more likely employees are to get involved.

The utilization of challenges is not a new concept; however more and more companies are looking for creative ways to stimulate employee engagement through the use of competitions. This includes the integration of company-wide, department-based and head-to-head challenges, which can be actively monitored through Preventure’s web portal. Additionally, recent web portal advancements now provide a “chat” feature available to team members. This element helps to open up the lines of communication throughout the company and advance their overall involvement.

“Wellness challenges have really seen a tremendous surge in popularity,” said Kathy O’Neel Webster, Chief Operating Officer for Preventure. “Companies are looking for more ways to entice employees to take charge of their health and wellness, but also have fun at the same time. This challenge-based approach is just one of many ways Preventure is revolutionizing the way corporate wellness programs are administered. ”

Preventure offers a wide variety of exercise-based competitions, such as an 8-week walking challenge. Most recently, Preventure has included a more nutrition-based component with the addition of the Fruit & Veggie challenge. Here, employees are encouraged to count their daily intake of fruits and vegetables to see who is eating the healthiest and also highlight where critical lapses in nutrition may exist.

About Preventure

Preventure is a global provider of corporate wellness and health improvement programs specializing in comprehensive fitness and wellness benefits designed to improve health and productivity and decrease health care costs. Preventure helps corporations and health insurers understand, predict, and control health risks and related costs.

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