EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (March 6, 2020) – Mercier and Kosinski Insurance, Inc. (MKI) announced that it has joined the Thompson Insurance Group to provide its customers with greater access to insurance companies, improved technology, and additional insurance services.

A fourth generation family owned insurance agency, MKI has served the insurance needs of the Northern Rhode Island community since 1936, offering a wide array of personal and commercial insurance products.

“Joining the Thompson Insurance Group will allow MKI to expand our insurance markets, which provides another opportunity for us to remain competitive. The mutually beneficial agreement will also enhance the client experience when additional lines of insurance coverage are needed,” said Joseph Kosinski, owner of Mercier and Kosinski Insurance.

Thompson Insurance Group based in East Providence, Rhode Island, is an insurance, real estate and investment company, which includes Lezaola Thompson Insurance and Soucy Insurance Agency.

“Thompson Insurance Group understands the impact MKI has had within the community, and we re

main committed to providing exemplary insurance services to its current customers. MKI customers will now have additional insurance resources available to them,” said Kenneth Thompson, chief executive officer of the Thompson Insurance Group.

Kosinski will continue to work with MKI staff to provide solutions for the individuals and businesses that rely on the agency for coverage. The agency will retain its name and contact information, Kosinski explained.

“MKI has developed a strong reputation as a local insurance agency, and we are confident that the Thompson Insurance Group can expand the level of services and insurance products offered,” Thompson said. “We will work diligently to preserve the values that clients have always appreciated at MKI.”

About Thompson Insurance Group

The Thompson Insurance Group, comprised of Lezaola Thompson Insurance, Mercier and Kosinski Insurance, and Soucy Insurance, works with individuals and businesses across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts to address a variety of insurance needs. A real estate, insurance, and investment company, Thompson Insurance Group provides tailored solutions for financial security. With the combined resources of the insurance agencies, the Thompson Insurance Group advises clients on securing affordable lines of coverage from over 25 insurance companies.

For more information, visit the Thompson Insurance Group website at https://thompsoninsurancegroup.net/