Create a more interactive website for your customers, make your story more engaging, and increase traffic to your agency

by: John Houle

Many of you already know how video can enhance your agency’s visibility. The cashier who asks you if your husband is that insurance agent she sees on TV; your commercial client who asks how you were able to appear during a Monday Night Football game; the insurance company executive who says he sees your Trusted Choice ad on TV and remarks that it has the quality of a national looking spot; you already see the value of advertising on TV with the Trusted Choice program.

But, you’re just scratching the surface on what you can do with video. If you have participated in the Trusted Choice program, you already understand that in as little as 15-minutes you can receive a very professional video segment (yes, the 15-minute comment was intentional).

Why not spend 15-minutes to develop a one minute video explaining why your customers should purchase umbrella coverage from you? Or, instead of featuring a two page write-up detailing your agency’s storied history, how about show visitors a two-minute video featuring photographs, personal accounts, testimonials, and interviews – wouldn’t that also make for a nice leave behind for the next generation of the agency?

This does not mean you should simply take your TV spot and place it on your website. By simply adding a new script, voice over, and additional video footage, your TV ad is now a full length “About Us” video.

Not only will your website be greatly enhanced, but video will also help your agency rank higher in an increasingly competitive online environment.

YouTube is one of the world’s most trafficked websites with over 80 million unique monthly visitors, and as part of Google, it generates an estimated 3 billion searches in a single month. By uploading your videos, you can start showing up in search results, increasing your presence on the web. When placing your video on YouTube, you need to take the time to write strong keywords in the title and description fields. The title of your video is the most critical element and is the equivalent of the meta tags on your home page or the headline in your print ad.

This is why video is a vital component of marketing in today’s digital era.