“If you choose not to get involved in politics, you leave major decisions to people like my characters.” – John Houle

Henry Mercucio – Thirty year old lawyer and campaign consultant who ran Congressman McNally’s campaign for Governor of Rhode Island and the primary consultant for the Providence mayoral election.

Lyndsay Sinclair  – Henry’s girlfriend and a medical resident in the Medicine Pediatrics program at Brown University’s medical school.

John Campagna – Councilman from Providence’s Silver Lake district and candidate for Mayor of Providence.

Raymond McNally – Former Congressman from Rhode Island, District 2, and current power broker and partner at prestigious Providence law firm.

Gordon Beako – Congressman McNally’s former district director and Senior Vice President of CampCo Construction.

Mayor Jack Donovan – Currently the longest serving Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island.

Terry Silberman – Mayor Jack Donovan’s chief of staff.

Danny Conroy – Special assistant to Mayor Donovan and Terry Silberman.

Frank Petrozella – Providence building developer and FBI undercover informant.

Michael Carbonerri – FBI special agent investigating Mayor Donovan’s administration.

Jimmy Callahan – Deputy US Attorney for the Rhode Island district.

Billy Cavanaugh – Jack Donovan’s cousin and an Irish Republican Army chief.

Jana Strakova – Lithuanian social worker living in Prague, Czech Republic.

Reginald “Reggie” Sinclair – Lyndsay Sinclair’s father and a Southern industrialist.

Mary Sinclair – Lyndsay, Bridgit, Jenny and Julie Sinclair’s mother and wife of Reggie.

Vincent – A Providence hood who sells designer suits

Nicholas “Nick” Dean – Partner in one of Providence’s top advertising agencies

Malcolm Prescott – Republican candidate for Mayor of Providence and owner of one of Rhode Island’s oldest companies.

Felix Salaso – Providence political operative.

Paul Campagna – State Representative from Providence and brother of John Campagna.

Representative Pagalini– State Representative from Providence and Democratic candidate for Mayor.

Senator Sarah Clark – State Senator from Providence and Democratic candidate for Mayor.

Lukas Reed – European arms dealer.

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