Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services Launches New Mobile App

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (February 13, 2018) — Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services is excited to announce the launch of a new mobile app designed to help appraisers streamline their workload. Currently available for download, the app will save appraisers time by providing on-demand property information, including maps, addresses and order identification.

“We are pleased to offer our valued appraiser partners an innovative, effective way to manage their orders,” said George K. Demopulos, MRICS, RA, SRA, AI-RRS, President and Chief Valuations Officer of Lincoln Appraisal. “In addition to assisting our appraisers, this app will also allow for faster communication with clients, resulting in expeditious turnaround times.”

Features of the app include: the ability to accept new orders instantaneously; prompt client communication; access to property details; updating of orders (inspection dates and times); and trip fee photo submission. Each element of the app was created to ensure that appraisers have access to the pertinent information they need to complete high-quality appraisal reports.

Christina Improta, Appraiser Manager Specialist for Lincoln Appraisal, believes this technology will provide appraisers with the tools they need to succeed, stating: “We understand that our appraisers spend most of their day on the road and require the ability to work wherever they might be. This app provides them with that capability and allows our staff to remain in constant communication with them.”

Available now, the Sluice Workflow Management app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

About Lincoln Appraisal

Founded in 1998, Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, headquartered in Providence, R.I., is a national appraisal management (AMC) and settlement services company. Lincoln Appraisal provides a full suite of residential, commercial and specialized appraisal services to the real estate industry throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Additional information can be obtained by visiting